Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adam and Charlie at the Reds Game

Adam and his best friend Charlie across the street went to a Cincinnati Reds game with their daddies. They had a blast!! Adam, however, was not crazy about the fireworks that went off after homeruns. So, the boys only lasted through the 4th inning, but that was so much longer than we thought they would! Hopefully this will be a fun annual event for the boys!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our first emergency!!

We can now say, with raising two boys, we have had our first health emergency due to playing too hard. Adam was playing at Charlie's house, and the two of them were so excited coming down the stairs because we were talking about going to the pool for the first time this summer. As Adam approached the bottom of the stairs, he squatted really low and jumped up really fast, I believe to jump off the 2nd step. As he jumped up, he hit his head VERY hard on the corner of the banister. OUCH! It was bleeding immediately, so my friend Jenni ran quickly upstairs to get a washcloth as I stayed with Adam. The wound began to clot pretty quickly, so the bleeding wasn't so bad. I was afraid his hair was getting caught in it and that's why it was not bleeding as much.

After Adam had calmed down, we went home where I could inspect the wound a little closer. For those who are faint at heart, I'll spare you the details. But I did end up calling Adam's pediatrician, and they said bring him in. Luckily, there was a doctor in the office that day who could put stitches in instead of having to head to the ER. So, Jenni was an angel and took Tyler shopping with her boys while I drove Adam to the doctor's office.

Adam did great while the nurses cleaned and inspected his head. I was shocked at how calm he was while they were "messing" with it. They frantically put together everything they needed to do the stitches, and before we knew it, Adam was getting his numbing shot. That wasn't so pleasant. And Adam was freaking out when they made him lay down, so I climbed up on the exam table with him and laid down next to him. He was really OK until they had to hold his head still, and one of the nurses was holding her hand over his ear. He didn't like that he couldn't hear, so he began to panic. After the first stitch was done, Adam said he just wanted his thumb. We had been holding his arms down to avoid him flailing his arms around. Low and behold, we let him suck his thumb, and he was a perfect patient for the rest of the time! Bless his heart!

Adam has his stitches for 8 days, and he was also quite the trooper when we went back to get them taken out. I had taken Adam out for ice cream after he received the stitches, so he was begging for ice cream after the "procedure" to take them out. I thought, "Great, now he's going to think he gets ice cream every time we go to the doctor's office!" So, I took him anyway to Coldstone, and we had a great time.

I did not take a picture of his stitches, although, now I wish I had. But I would not have posted it on the blog for those of you who would not like to see that. :) You are welcome!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ben completed his second triathlon on June 7th! We are so proud of him! He shaved 45 minutes off his last finish time, coming in this year at 3hr 41min. Our neighbor, Rob, was Ben's canoe partner. Rob finished the triathlon in 3hr 10min. Way to go boys!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Well, since I'm finally catching up on some posts from way back when, I might as well throw in a post on Mother's Day. I had an awesome day from two awesome little boys. After church, I was treated to lunch at Waffle House - YUM! Then I got to take it easy all day, and it was fabulous. I sure love my boys!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adam's last day at Sonlight

Adam had such a great year at school! Ms. Judy and Ms. Michelle will truly be missed this summer and next year. Adam loved going to school, and he would actually talk about it on the way home, as well. At first, he had no interest in doing the "artsy" activities, and I don't think he ever put his hands in the colored sand boxes. But by the end of the year, we did receive a binder of his artwork that will be cherished forever. Adam would always talk about his friends at school, so I'm hoping we can get together with some of the kids over the summer. Unfortunately, Adam won't return to Sonlight next year as we are moving him to the preschool at our church, Kids' Academy. We will miss Sonlight!

Adam's first day in September

Adam's last day with Ms. Judy and Ms. Michelle

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Piano Recital

As the school year came to a close this year, so did piano lessons. For the summer, that is. And as my first challenge ever to my students, we held a recital at the end of May. It was a great success! I am so proud of all my students - everyone memorized three pieces to play, and they all did a great job performing! I've really enjoyed teaching my girls this year, and I look forward to seeing them come back in September.

As a tribute to my grandmother who passed away last summer, I made her butterscotch pecan cookies for our recital celebration. My grandmother is the reason I got started with piano. She gave me her piano from the 1920's when I was 8 years old. And I haven't stopped playing it since! Actually, I can remember playing it while it was still housed at her home in Dublin, GA. I enjoyed tickling the ivories with my Granddaddy every time I visited. So it was only fitting to honor her with one of her delicious cookie recipes at my first ever piano recital as a teacher. She was a special woman and is dearly missed, but I know God is taking care of her in heaven!