Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tyler's Speech Updates

Here are the past few updates from Tyler's speech sessions with his therapist. He's really doing well! He's definitely trying to talk more, just not very clearly. But we're working on that. This week, we will begin working on the "sh" sound. Tyler substitutes several consonants with an "H" sound, so we're going to focus on one particular consonant sound each week.

I'm so proud of Tyler!! But there are definitely still days that we are all frustrated. It's been a very slow process, and that's hard, but he's doing so much better now. :)

Date: 3/31/10
Service Summary: Tyler is ready to play. Mom reports that he is doing well. He gets a little frustrated when she doesn't understand. He will lead them to what he wants. Reading a story and leaving off words to have Tyler fill in the blank. He repeats words and phrases after a model. Uses a four word sentence. Using touch cues with sounds today and he tries them. Labels farm animals and tries their names. Putting lots of final sounds in words. Using lots of sounds in words.
Family Ideas: Building on 2-3 syllable words.
Plan for Next Session: Continues building on longer phrases and multi-syllable words.

Date: 4/7/10
Service Summary: Tyler is ready to play. Mom reports he is doing well, but he can get frustrated when others don't always understand. Overemphasizing sounds in words and having him try to sound after a model. He is able to repeat the sounds on his own, but not always in the word. Trying to use new words/sounds today. Very willing to repeat words. Discussed ways to work on sounds. Connecting sounds to a word can be hard for him.
Family Ideas: Build on sounds by having him repeat a sound.
Plan for Next Session: Try some hand signals with specific sounds.

Date: 4/21/10
Service Summary: Tyler is happy and ready to play. He chooses to play with pattern block puzzles. Labeling shapes and colors. Tyler repeats words and phrases after a model. Mom reports that he's occasionally using up to 3 words together. He still uses "H" initiation on some words he says. Counting 1-6 after a model. Using good final sounds in words: s, g, d, k, etc. Still doesn't use "s" initially in words and that is okay. He substitutes "h" for a lot of initial/beginning sounds. Answering some questions with 1-2 word phrases. Using touch cue for gulping sound "g" and he really was able to do "g."
Family Ideas: Model sounds and use touch cues.
Plan for Next Session: Build on touch cues while playing.

Date: 4/28/10
Service Summary: Discussed with mom how he is doing with his speech. He's using longer sentences and putting more sounds together. Using preposition in phrases more. Trying blends in words like star - initially used "har." Tried a touch cue first and he used "sar." Less "h" initiation in words. Labeling colors while lacing pegs/shapes. Using good final sounds in words while we play.
Family Ideas: Try "Hop on Pop" to listen for sound differences.
Plan for Next Session: Building on longer sentences.

Date: 5/5/10
Service Summary: Mom reports that friends are starting to understand him more. Choose to play Zingo. Modeling carrier phrases. "I have a ____ ____," etc. Modeling "sh" - shoe to try and "k" in cat. Overemphasizing initial sounds in words. Trying a blowpen to work on oral motor skills. Tried it. Using 2 syllable words like yellow while coloring.
Family Ideas: Build on "sh" sounds and words.
Plan for Next Session: Find "sh" words to play a game.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

I can't believe how high the grass got in the backyard this spring! Some areas were as high as Adam's waist, so I couldn't help but take pictures while I was mowing tonight.

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