Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Little 3 Month Old

Tyler is 3 months old today!! He's growing so fast and getting so big. He's an adorable baby, just like his big brother was, so we are truly thankful for that. He does sometimes have some trouble falling asleep on his own, but we're working on that. He's quite the eater these days, eating anywhere from 6oz to 8oz at one feeding! Tyler loves to smile, and quickly brightens up when he sees his big brother. Adam is SO sweet to Tyler and loves to give him kisses. I believe Tyler was trying to laugh yesterday, so we'll get some cute videos later when he starts doing that. He's chewing his hands these days like he's looking for his thumb, but he hasn't found it yet. We're praying he does (like Adam) because we're getting tired of pacifiers falling out during the middle of the night. One negative thing we're dealing with lately is Tyler's eczema. It's so cold and dry up here, and his skin is so sensitive to it. Poor little guy! But that's really the only complaint I have right now!! We love him SO much!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dora is not only "the Explorer..."

...she's also a fantastic teacher! Yes, Adam LOVES watching "Dorrie." It's been his favorite show for a few months now, and I can tell through his speech and thought process that he's truly learning from her show. How wonderful as a parent to realize that watching TV is good for him. :) Adam has mastered a certain concept that I've read in magazines is not usually done for a long time, well into the preschool years. He can process the "now...then" or "first...next" concept. For example, we were driving to the YMCA last night for Mommy to work out and Adam and Tyler to go to Child watch. Adam said as we were leaving the house, "Mommy, I play with toys first, and Mommy workout, then I go home." I said, "Yep! That's right!" I'm so proud! He does this all day long. "First I read book, then go night-night next." "First I eat lunch, then play with toys next, Mommy."

This is a recurrent theme in all of Dora's explorations. Their adventures are centered around getting from one place to another by going through several other places. Hence, the "first...next" concept. They repeat it several times, "First, we go through the chocolate river, then over the big red chicken hill, then we get to the playground!"

I know Adam has excellent speaking skills when compared to other kids his age, my goodness, he talks nonstop! And in complete sentences, too. But it makes a Mommy proud to read in her parenting magazine that he's accomplished something that usually wouldn't happen until later in his sweet little life. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tyler leans to the right...

Yep, life father, like son, Tyler leans to the right. I'm sure he'll grow into a good conservative eventually, but he's literally leaning to the right these days. Tyler had his two month well-child checkup yesterday (yeah, he's almost 3 months, but our favorite doctor was booked up solid until now!). He's doing great! Weighed 13lbs 2oz (but had just eaten a 6oz bottle), length was 24in and I think his head circumference was 16-something. He was pretty much 75th percentile across the board. He's growing like a weed! But, he's favoring keeping his head turned to the right. So we have to hold his head to the left 10 times a day for 10 seconds each time. He really doesn't like it, but it's good for him to stretch his neck muscles. He's such a trooper, though! I can already tell a difference in his head movement today. His neck muscles are definitely strong enough to hold his head up, we just have to get him to "look both ways."

And here's Adam being silly in front of the camera!! He's too cute when it comes to "cheese!" time. :)