Monday, March 16, 2009

You never know what you'll find under Tyler's highchair

We have an awesome high chair..........It's the Fisher Price Space Saver chair that fits directly on an existing kitchen chair.  And once in a blue moon, I get the inkling to actually clean the chair that it sits on.  This is not a fun job when it's been months since it was last cleaned.  As stated above, you never know what you'll find!!

In this picture, there are many items:  3 crayons, 1 pen, a whole oyster cracker and several crumbs, part of a peanut butter and cheese cracker, 1 blueberry, some mozzarella cheese, and then a whole bunch of nasty!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Torturing a 3 year old

Ok, so we should have probably known Adam was not going to like the Dinosaur exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum.  But we gave it a shot!  Maybe next year....

Two cool guys...

Monday, March 2, 2009

January Snow.......schools were out for a week!

We had a huge snow storm the last week of January.  I think the total in inches over the course of 3 days was around 8-10 inches.  It was fun, but hard to play in because the first snow was too fluffly, then a layer of ice formed, then the second part of the snow coupled with the ice made it too hard to walk through.  

My friend Amber was staying with us for a few days, and it was fun having her "snowed in" with us!  We made snow cream as our tasty morning snack........Adam didn't like it!  He preferred to eat only the chocolate sauce we put on top.  

While Mommy was trying to shovel the driveway, Adam was being a big help in moving the snow.  Until he accidentally peed in his pants!  We had to change him from waste down out in the garage......he didn't seem to mind the cold!

Mommy's Little Helpers

The boys love to help me cook dinner.  It's wonderful because then they are not getting under my feet while I'm trying to get dinner ready.  Looks like it was pancakes for dinner when this picture was taken!