Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wow, where have we been??

It's been a while.........actually almost 4 months! We've certainly had things to blog about just no time to do so! One of the last few posts I made was Ben and his triathlon in June. Well, he just completed the October triathlon, so I guess it's time to post on that. Adam started preschool at our church in September, a new school for him! Tyler is growing like a weed and trying to do everything "Bubba" does. I am teaching piano again this year, and as of today, I have 13 students, possibly 14. That keeps me busy!!

So, life has been busy for all of us, but it's no excuse to not share pictures with family and friends. At least there have been no emergencies to post about! Here's hoping I'll be able to post a few stories this week......