Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy belated Easter to everyone! The Lord is risen indeed! We had such a great Easter this year (don't be fooled by the sun in the picture - it was still 45 degrees outside), and it was so much fun at Adam's age. He was really into the egg hunts, and he had plenty of them! But first, we dyed some real eggs at home. That was fun! Only 2 egg casualties out of 18!

Our first egg hunt with our local MOMS club was rained out, so we held it at the library indoors. It was perfect for the toddlers because they didn't have to search hard to find the eggs.

Next, our church had an Easter Eggstravaganza celebration on Saturday before Easter. Not only was there an age-appropriate egg hunt, but they also had crafts and games to play. Adam had a blast playing the games, as you'll see in the pictures below.

We then headed down to Lexington to spend Easter with Sue Sue, Pawpaw, Mim and Da. The Easter Bunny was quite generous to both boys, and even hid eggs around Sue Sue's house for Adam to find! We finally took some family pictures, although Adam was not cooperating too much. He was crashing from all the candy he had been eating!

Every day this week, Adam has asked me for chocolate. Oh boy, will we all be happy when the candy is gone!

Experiences with new foods

Tyler has been a champ at eating! He drinks 8 oz bottles throughout the day, and we put cereal in his last bottle to make sure he sleeps all night. Whoever said that was an old wives' tale was wrong! It totally worked for us when Tyler was always waking up at 4am. As soon as we filled his tummy at night, he slept 12 hours.

Now we've introduced spoon-feeding, and he's having a blast! Actually does really well with the spoon when we can keep his fingers out of his mouth. I think he's expecting to slurp it down like a bottle and spoon feeding is just too slow for him. We started him with cereal and now have moved on to vegetables. He has finished every single container of 1st foods we've put in front of him!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Great-Grandparents

Ben's paternal Grandmother, Laine, also lives near us, so we have the great opportunities to spend time with her. Laine celebrated her 82nd birthday a few weeks ago, and of course, the boys were there to help celebrate!

A special relationship with Da

Ben's grandparents, Mim and Da, now live close by in Lexington. We are excited because they will get to spend so much time with the boys now (they used to live in Florida). Adam has a blast with them, and they love seeing Tyler, too. One of Adam's favorite activities to do with Da is read books. Mim and Da are so impressed with how fast Adam can find Goldbug in his "truck book."

Tyler rolling...

Well, it's been a while since I've taken the time to actually write a few words about the kids! Hope you enjoyed Ben's video below......he sure had fun making it!

Tyler is now 5 months old, and getting bigger every day. I can't believe how adorable he is and how much his older brother loves him! I'm enjoying every minute with these two boys. Our daily routine is just that - finally a routine. Tyler wakes up in the morning, and he talks in his bed for about 30 minutes while Mommy and Adam wake up. I then get Adam up and out of his room (he can't get out on his own because of a doorknob cover), and he always wants to crawl into the crib with "Baby Tire." So, they enjoy playing for a few minutes until it's time to get diapers changed and dressed.

Then, all 3 of us hit the YMCA, Mommy to workout and the boys go to Child Watch. It's wonderful! They can stay in there up to 90 minutes, so it's fabulous to get some alone time, even if it is while working out!

We then go run errands, if necessary, then home for lunch. Both boys go down for naps about the same time every day, and little Tyler is sleeping good, sometimes over 3 hours! Now, after naptime, that's when the day is the hardest. Finding things to occupy the boys, teaching piano lessons, heading to the grocery store, etc. Then, time for dinner, and Tyler is now eating baby food! The child is eating the entire container of baby food every night! So far, he's had carrots, peas, and green beans, and has eaten them all with no problems! I'll post pictures.

Tyler is rolling over from back to tummy, but can't seem to find his way back over. One night, he woke us up crying (very unusual) because had flipped in his crib and it woke him up. So, I gently rolled him back over, and he went right back to sleep! Tyler has his first two bottom teeth, and I believe some more bottom teeth are making their appearance. He's constantly chewing his hands and drooling. He even plays with his tongue! He's not a thumb sucker, he's a finger sucker! He sucks the first two fingers on his right hand to soothe himself and go to sleep. It's precious!

At Tyler's 4 month check up on March 7th, he was 75%ile for weight and 90%ile for height! We'll see if that changes at his 6 month appt.

Enjoy the pics and the rest of my posts.......there are lots to come because I need to catch up!

I love my fingers!

Uh oh! I'm stuck!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh, So Kentucky

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Wow, we have so much snow! It's been falling for two days now, and I think we're definitely seeing over 12 inches on the ground. We "wrapped" the boys up and trucked it down the street to our friends' house to go sledding. They have a great slope in their backyard that was perfect for sledding! However, the snow was so soft and fluffy that it took a while to pack down some good paths for the sleds. We actually got Adam to go down the hill with Daddy ONE time! And that's because his best friend, Charlie, was going down with his daddy, too. After that, Adam stood around for a little bit and watched everyone else. Then he decided to go inside to play and drink hot chocolate, but he didn't understand why all of his friends were still outside.

On another note regarding our other son, Tyler's first tooth came though overnight last night!!! And the second one is coming through today. This was exactly the same age when Adam got exactly the same two teeth, the two in the middle on the bottom. How precious! I'll have to try hard to get a picture of Tyler's first tooth. Every time I try to look at it, he sticks his tongue out over it.

Enjoy the pictures, and hopefully I can get some video up of the sledding. Our camcorder battery is not cooperating right now.