Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

(A day late, but none the less...)

Happy anniversary to my best friend and wonderful husband!  It's been 7 years since we said "I do," and I love you even more today.  There's NO way there's a better husband out there, because you are the best!  We have two beautiful boys, and I pray every day that they will turn out just like their daddy.  I love you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We no like Ike

Who knew a hurricane could come barging through Cincinnati!  Not so much rain, actually none at all, but high winds with gusts up to 75 mph.  And who knew that the biggest tree in our backyard would fall into our house.  By the grace of God, our house has no significant damage.  The gutters will probably need to be replaced, and maybe the deck is scratched up.  We don't know because we haven't had the tree removed yet.  But we are so thankful to God that nothing happened to any of us or the house!  God was really looking out for us because the umbrella in our patio table is still standing straight up, surrounded by tree branches, and Adam's climbing toy was not hit at all by the trunk of the tree.  It's amazing!  

The tree was so large that we probably won't have a lot of shade in the backyard now.  The big tree took out at least one more smaller tree in front of it.  The large tree actually looks like two different trees now on the ground.  One half is laying on our deck and the other half is laying on top of our neighbor's fence, which isn't damaged either.

Ben and I were sitting in the family room when the tree hit, and I've never seen Ben jump so high and so fast in my life!  We quickly ran upstairs to get both boys (they were napping), and we ran across the street to our neighbors just in case more trees were going to fall.

Of course, pictures really don't do justice to the size of this thing, but here's a slideshow with some shots we took.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Trash to Recycling

From Recycle Bins
Trash day for us is Wednesday each week. This week, all of our trash actually fit into the 2 trash cans we own because we finally got around to recycling. Unfortunately, our trash company does not provide curbside pickup of recyclables, so it was up to us to get started. Thanks to my trip to IKEA, we are actually excited about it! Our lovely system pictured here is brought to you by IKEA, the store with a solution for everything. And thanks to IKEA, our children will live in a healthier world because we are helping every little bit we can by recycling.

**Update: I typed this post several weeks ago but was unable to insert my picture of our bins, so it's been sitting in my *edit* list for a while. Today, I took our trash out to the curb in ONE trash can! Be proud!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Adam's First Day of School

Last Tuesday was Adam's first day of preschool. He's attending the same school he went to last year, but this year, he's going two days a week! Wow, what to do with my time! Well, it's been interesting considering Tyler usually takes a good morning nap. But, since we're on the go when it's time for him to nap, he's cat napping in the morning. I think he's going to adjust well simply because he really won't have a choice.  

Below is Adam's picture from his first day of school, and I've also included his picture from last year.  I can't believe how much he's changed!!!



Our schedule is crazy-busy these days!  I hope we can find some time to breathe!

Monday - MOPS/MOPS playdates
Tuesday - School for Adam and YMCA for Tyler and me
Wednesday - Actually nothing, so I guess we should head to the Y
Thursday - School for Adam and Bible Study for me at church
Friday - Playgroup with MOMS club

I've taken on leadership roles in MOPS and our bible study, so that'll keep me even more busy.  Man, what was I thinking!  But, I know it's going to be FUN!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Sunday was Ben's birthday, and we had a great family celebration. Going out to dinner with our great friends on Saturday and just taking it easy on Sunday was pretty much the weekend for us. Adam is really starting to understand what birthdays are, so it will be so much fun when his third birthday comes next month! Oh, and try not to be too jealous of the beautiful "cake" I made.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Karen's Appearance in JibJab

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