Monday, June 30, 2008

Pee-pee in the potty!

We haven't officially started any kind of potty training, but our little man WANTS to use the potty on his own!  I've always read not to push potty training, especially on boys, so I haven't.  I had decided we'd hit the library after our traveling this month to get a DVD on using the potty, but we haven't made it to the library yet.  But, in the meantime, Adam has been using the potty after every bath when he doesn't have a diaper on!!  He sits directly on the big potty and has actually peed every time!  So, it's definitely a start for getting rid of diapers, size 6.  :)  But, he's also a little obsessed with doing it over and over and over, even when he doesn't need to pee, because he gets an M&M or a Skittle each time he pees in the potty.  I can deal with that, though, since we're taking steps in the right direction.

Wish us luck!  :)

June 2008

So, it's been forever again since I've blogged, and I just hate that! I am always having thoughts in my head about what to blog about and what pictures to share, but I never get around to actually getting on the computer to do so! It's starting to drive me crazy, so I've got to get better at sharing when I think about it. But seriously, these precious boys just keep me busy, and I love it!!

Here are a few quick updates and then I'll share some pictures and stories.

**Dan and Torrie's wedding was awesome!  I can't wait to post some cute pictures.  We also had a blast hanging out with my extended family in the mountains for the week following the wedding.  It got us out of the house doing activities that we wouldn't normally have done!  The kids all had a blast hanging out together, as well.

**We went camping this weekend for the first time ever for me (and, obviously, Adam too)!  Tyler missed out because we just weren't ready to take a baby this time (who knew how he would sleep in a tent!), so many, many thanks to Sue Sue and Pawpaw for keeping him!!  Adam was such a boy, hanging out with his friends and running around the campground like crazy.  He fished with Daddy, we made s'mores at night, and we all slept in a tent (sleep might not be the correct term to use).  Our air mattress that we borrowed ran out of air by morning!  It was still fun, though!

**Tyler is still such a sweet baby, growing like a weed!  He's been sitting up on his own for a while now, and he's enjoying more and more table food (he has 7 teeth now, so let's use them!).  Unfortunately, he's been congested since about April, and we just can't seem to help him with that.  But he's totally not affected by it!  He had an ear infection before we left for the wedding, but we would not have known except he was running a fever of 103.  He's not really crawling or trying to go anywhere, and he freaks out when he falls forward while sitting.  He's just not a fan of being on his tummy, and that's my fault for not really doing much tummy time with him.  

**Adam is doing great, as well!  Although, he's also had some congestion for a while now that just won't go away.  I'm kind of getting tired of wiping running noses all day!  Adam is such a smart little boy, and says some of the funniest things!  Just this weekend, he's really into asking WHY.  Oh boy, is that annoying!  But we patiently answer all of his questions, and eventually, he becomes satisfied with our answer and he stops.  We've taught him that he can't come out of his room in the morning until there's a 7 on his clock.  We taped over the minutes, and he watches the hour for a 7.  When he comes out, he is so excited and tells us "there's a 7 on me clock, Mommy!"  He is now pointing out 7's everywhere.  And it's not like he just learned this number - he's been counting to 10 for months now, but before the clock, he would always skip 7 when counting!

OK, time to close this blog, put Tyler down for a nap, and come back to post pictures!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some cute videos.......second try

So, my first attempt to post some videos didn't work, and I've since figured out that I need to edit the videos in iMovie, and then will recognize my format. Guess it's a crazy Mac thing!

Anyway, the boys are doing great, despite Tyler's sickness this weekend. He has now been diagnosed with an ear infection, so we started his 10 days of meds last night. Great! Just in time to hit the road for Dan and Torrie's wedding. But our doctor did say yesterday that Tyler is the happiest sick baby he has ever seen! Seriously, you wouldn't know he was sick by the way he's still acting, bless his heart!

Hope you enjoy the video below!

Lots going on...

It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted, but we are all doing well now! Both boys have been a little sick with colds that we can't seem to shake. So I finally cleaned their humidifiers with bleach, and they are doing better now.

We traveled to Lexington a couple of times last month for various activities. The first was a birthday party for our friend James. Adam had a great time playing with the other kids, and both grandmothers kept Tyler while we were at the party. It was a fun day!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had a great barbecue with our neighbors. Adam absolutely adores his friend Charlie, so we got some great pics of the two of them.

On Memorial Day, we walked as a family in the local parade. We walked for Senator Mitch McConnell who was in town for the parade. It was awesome walking for the Republican Leader of the US Senate! But Adam did not enjoy the people dressed up as characters, such a McGruff the Crime Dog. We have realized there is NO reason to take our boys to Disney World ANY time soon!

After the parade, we drove to Lexington to meet Ben's cousin's new fiance, Ian. It was great to have the chance to see Ben's aunt, uncle, cousin, and Ian considering they live in Montana. Our visits are few and far between, so it was great to see them all as they drove through town.  We also took a trip with them to see some horses who breed race horses on a local horse farm.  We were so close to the mares and their babies, and Adam was not impressed.  He's not much of an animal lover right now, unless it's his cat, Macey.  :)

Ben also had the chance to play Valhalla in Louisville last week.  He made comments to me that he wasn't very impressed with the golf course, considering it's a back-up course for some professional tourneys.  He had a great time and beautiful weather!

We are looking forward to our trip next week to Linville, NC for Dan and Torrie's wedding!!!  We can't believe it's time for the big day, and we're so excited!  We're probably heading to the zoo this weekend, so I hope to post some pictures from that trip soon.